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Working for Tribute Games

Mercenary Kings is currently available on Steam and PS4
Curses 'N Chaos should be out in a couple of weeks!
and we're already working on a fresh one

We also have a Tribute podcast

Follow me NOW! on Tumlr
and if it's not enough, you can always check my old blog
Currently working on some more "Monster Burner" ubisoft


Developing "Mercenary KINGS", a new game from
with pretty much the same core team as the Scott Pilgrim game

aka Paul Robertson, Jonathan Kim, Jonathan Lavigne and Jean-Francois Major

We're doing a Kickstarter page to fund the project, check it out!…

I'm also always available for commissions and/or freelance work:

and I've got a bunch of cool prints available on my etsy shop, check them out!
Recently finished a bunch of contracts with ubisoft
The new version of Monster Burner for IOS should come out in the next weeks

So I'm now available for freelance and commissions!

//// UPDATE!

Just realized I wasn't shipping in the US on my etsy shop. T_T Fixed it, give me another chance internet!…
-2011 MTL Comiccon's over! Nice experience overall. Thanks to everybody who stopped by and encouraged me. I got some super cool comments. Really appreciated!

-I put my Etsy shop back on track!

-almost over with the ipad game at ubisoft. should be really cool!
+attending Montreal Comiccon sept 16-17th booth #034
I'll be selling prints of all kinds aka mostly the MegaMan one ^_^
if you're in the area come and say hi!

+also currently working on an pretty neat ipad game ubisoft

+and there will be more funforge's "the big idea" cards to come! amazing extension on the way!…
+Just finished working on "the Big Idea" card game for FunForge:

+Been published in "Lanfeust Mag No. 142" of may 2011 with another story from Laurent Habart:……

+Been selected for UDON's Mega Man Tribute:…


I'm now available for all the wicked things you'd like me to draw for you.
Contact me!
Check out my new Etsy shop:

Currently working on a sweat card game:…

also here:…
Will be at Montreal's GEEKFEST this March 5-6th

with friends:
Mathieu Beaulieu (
Patrick Désilets (
Jonathan Lavigne (

intending to sell:
-11"X17" posters
-11"X17" fancy prints
-Sets of 15 postcards
-other random goodies
I'm completely available for freelance work right now and forever!

you can check more stuff here:

and here:

follow me on twitter:

or contact me by mail:

Lately i've been thinking of doing some commissions, a lot more for fun than actually making a business out of it.
I've never really done this before, but i think it would be a great challenge.

I would probably be quite open on the subjects, but still, selective of the work i'd choose to do.
I would put as much spare time on those pieces as i would on personal work, probably explaining the slow rate i could maintain. Nevertheless, all commissions accepted and confirmed would eventually see the light of day or, at least, of your computer screen.

price to be discussed individually i guess, regarding my inspiration for the piece.

does it sounds interesting to anybody?

p.s.: digital work only except maybe on super rare occasions O_O